But what exactly makes us special?

Well, all our coaches have extensive practical experience. 85,000 hours of construction, 45,000 hours of release and 35,000 hours of project experience with Change programs will tell you: ‘We know what we’re dealing with. For this reason, we’re not only trainers, but rather specialists in all systems and processes around CAD, release and PDM. We’re here to support you personally, quickly and comprehensively.’

Use our strengths to get solutions for your problem. We are happy to support you with our team of young and experienced NCG coaches.

Our ethos

Nothing can describe our daily work better than personal statements from our staff. Read on and get an insight into our work ethic:

‘You’re familiar with the systems in general, but you lack the eye for detail? Together we will reach your goal.’

Project Manager CAD PDM

‘You’re experiencing uncertainties with the first steps after our training? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.’

Project Staff CAD PDM

‘We provide you assurance in your tasks and support you with the implementation, because we are familiar with both the systems and the process.’

Project Manager Virtual Vehicle

‘There are no rules without exceptions. We help you to understand particular cases in your daily routine.’

Project Manager CAD PDM

‘When it comes to virtual data management, we give you advice concerning conception, protection, introduction as well as optimization of processes, methods and tools in order to achieve a continuous and cross-linked product development.’

Project Manager Virtual Vehicle

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