NCG – Nelsen Consulting from Munich

Are we a training company?

One could say that we are a training company. After all, we have been conducting hundreds of training sessions across the world in several languages as a BMW training partner since 2010. When it comes to CAD, release processes or PDM, we are a household name to a number of OEMs and suppliers.

Supporting you from beginning to end

Our specialists are involved from beginning to end, whether it’s the conception of software or the design and visualization of processes in use. Before the roll-out of the software, it’s tested by our specialists, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. Not only do we hence know what a function does, we also know why it does (or sometimes doesn’t) do it.


Our results can be seen

E-Learning can happen through attractive movies or amazing web animations, maybe even through a quiz. It can also be a virtual training. However, it’s only when you really understand people and their issues, that you can make something consistent out of these things.


But what exactly makes us special?

Well, all of our coaches have extensive practical experience. 85,000 hours of construction, 45,000 hours of release and 35,000 hours of project experience with Change programs will tell you: ‘We know what we’re dealing with. For this reason, we’re not only trainers, but rather specialists in all systems and processes around CAD, release and PDM. We’re here to support you personally, quickly and comprehensively.’


Training starts with every change – be it in the process or in the system…

… regardless of the type of training, be it face-to-face training, virtual classroom or e-learning. Sometimes, unconventional methods such as a themed course are needed. No matter what kind of training we settle for together at the beginning, ultimately there’s only one goal: the perfect knowledge transfer of the contents to each participant.


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