Core competencies, approach and services.

Here you will find our core competencies, approach and services.

Our core competencies.

We are consultants with passion and enthusiasm. Since 2010, we have been taking our customers that crucial step further with our industry experience and creativity.

Process Management

We bundle your systems, processes and structures along the entire value chain - this way we enable an efficient collaboration with regard to the design and optimization of processes.

Learning Experience

We identify your challenges and needs and develop appropriate learning experience solutions to create an unforgettable learning experience.

Change Management

We analyze your business processes, develop appropriate strategies and generate measures to enable a dynamic and future-oriented change of structures, systems, processes and behaviors.

"Nothing says more about our competencies than our products and services."

About our products

"We develop visions that become reality - from strategy to implementation."

Our services

Our services are used in a result-oriented way to cover any knowledge gap, remove obstacles and realize goals. In doing so, our services grow together with our products, as we use our self-developed products in a supporting way depending on the strategy. Thus, we enable individual services tailored to the user. In this way, we support our customers from the idea to the conception up to the implementation and qualification phase.

Event Management

We plan, organize, host and realize any type of event both remotely and live.


Our goal is to encourage learning with all senses through suitable measures and to communicate the knowledge efficiently.

Intranet Layout & Design

As UI & UX Designers we advise you on the best possible design for the layout, function and structure of the intranet and implement this proactively.

Project Communication

We establish a network of stakeholders to efficiently manage deadlines, tasks, meetings and other activities.


We are always at your side with our specialized know-how and coach you intensively for upcoming situations with regard to quality, efficiency and realization of your visions.

Process Optimization

Our certified Scrum Masters use agile methods, such as Design Thinking, to continuously optimize your work flows.


For integration testing, we create optimized test strategies to smoothly roll out your software.


Since we are mostly involved in the software development, we are ideally qualified to support you in the use of the software.

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"For us, the focus is on the people."