"studio n" - The new space for Ideas

The office space became too small for all the ideas and implementations of new developments at Nelsen and therefore a new space "studio n" will be created, where we can give free rein to our visions.

Our goal is to use new technologies to create digital solutions that appeal to all the human senses, facilitate learning and make the delivery of information an experience. In doing so, we try to exploit the maximum potential - both from technology and from people. We strive for an optimal synergy of the latest technologies, current research and practice to stay up-to-date in today's fast-paced world. The interaction between humans and advanced technology is of enormous importance and must be constantly monitored, analyzed and documented as, in turn, potential improvements are identified, actions taken and implemented. To achieve these goals and much more, our "studio n" will be equipped with the latest audio and video technology, which will be used to record interactions. We will simulate specific conditions and interactions for the optimal design of the user experience. Our products range from films and e-learning to interactive walls and immersive rooms. All products are 99% created and developed in-house, so we have very short paths and can react quickly in the agile world.

Thus, customer requests are implemented flexibly and individually to make the learning experience unforgettable. Here, ideas are filled with life and become innovations. In addition, some technical innovations in the field of Learning Experience are already successfully in use by our largest partner BMW and also at tradeshows.

To get an impression of our products, you are welcome to visit us in the office and in the studio n and also feel free to drop by our homepage under the tab "Products".


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Nelsen in a new Look

After 12 years of eventful time, healthy growth and many innovations, Nelsen has changed its look and adapted the design accordingly. Our logo has said goodbye to the colors green/blue and the letters NCG and can now be seen in the colors orange/dark blue as Nelsen. Along with this we have updated our homepage to the new look. In the new look & feel of the homepage we report about our services in the field of consulting and present our wide range of products. This variety is worth to be looked at.

The most important thing in our working together is our team spirit and our motivation, to achieve our goals successfully. We hope that all these points are reflected in our new web appearance.

We are also looking forward to new Nelsen employees and offer attractive jobs, which can be found on the homepage under Career. Also new this year is our Experience Lab, where we give free run to our visions and try out new developments. You can read more about this in the next blog post. We hope you enjoy our homepage!

If you need more information, come visit us in the office or in the Experience Lab to experience our visions and developments first hand.

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