New partnerships – New opportunities

The Munich-based software company AppNavi GmbH has enjoyed enormous success since 2017 and has already convinced several customers from industries such as insurance, automotive and consumption.

Part of a network full of advantages!

Through the close partnership between Nelsen and AppNavi and the use of Digital Adoption, numerous Nelsen customers benefit from improved and digitized teaching and learning content, which means that knowledge can be conveyed better, more persistently and in the long term. Users of CAD or PDM applications are thus ideally and permanently equipped in their daily lives, and the team of highly qualified specialists focuses on improving the content to be taught. In this way, the learning experience becomes unforgettable, with the help of suitable solution concepts in the area of the Learning Experience. An association full of advantages and opportunities!

About AppNavi GmbH – User Efficiency as a Service.

AppNavi Gmbh makes it possible to use any software correctly – without training – without queries. How does this work? By introducing employees to new applications while they work in them. Digital Adoption is used for this purpose and the immediate integration of software solutions favors “in-app” learning. This provides appropriate information at the right time so that users can move to the next step with ease. Metaphorically, the function can be imagined like a navigation system that provides routes while driving to reach the destination. What are the advantages of using AppNavi? Obviously: AppNavi makes it easy to learn new software. The modern and future-oriented design speaks for itself. AppNavi is geared towards the needs of the user and the functions can be flexibly displayed depending on the respective use cases. Data protection and security are of utmost importance to AppNavi. In addition, AppNavi can be used in all browser-based applications and on various devices. With the use of AppNavi, the acceptance of the software can be increased, the benefits intensified and the efficiency increased. At the same time, processes are accelerated and automated, while users are empowered and supported.

In short: With the help of AppNavi, any new software is easily learned and the helpdesk is relieved.

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